256 Images — From When I Looked Again for the First Time
Language: English

Paper: Neenah | Classic Crest | Natural White | 90gsm
Typeface: Hirigana Regular
Laser Printed at the Design Lab at the Parsons School of Design 
Curated based on color, form and cultural/contextual similarities, 256 Images: From When I Looked Again for the First Time, documentats  how I use imagery to express my personal experiences as a then-21-year-old mixed Filipino/white woman within our designed world.

Each bookmark was specifically placed, as the corresponding spread is a visual representation of the words written. The words are journal entries from 2019-2022.

When given the book, the reader sees my bookmarks as my response. Then they have the opportunity to move and interact with the bookmarks to create their own narratives/explorations.

This book is storytelling, printed hyperlinks, and a personal narrative exploring themes of identity, race, gender/womanhood, patriarchy, religion, art and design, representing what it means to look at something again, and to see something that you didn’t see the first time you looked.