BAYANIHAN (2022–23)

* Research
* Writing
* Art Direction
* Book Design
* Risograph Printing
Bayanihan is a research project, archive, and memoir. Bayanihan examines the impact of the Christian-American Industrial Complex in the Philippines, and how this ultimately connects to personal lamentations of identity for BIPOC in the United States, specifically Filipino identity. The desire to research, write, and design the concept of Bayanihan into a book came from my then-current understandings and interpretations of identity, specifically as a biracial Filipino-white woman in America. This experience drew the question, “how does my understanding of race and gender in America inform how I see myself? How does this relate to the history of Spanish and American colonialism in the Philippines? How do collective experiences with family inform a sense of identity?”

Bayanihan is a Tagalog word that refers to the spirit of working together to achieve a particular goal. Through academic research and writing, utilizing the image as an archive, typography, and risograph printing, Bayanihan addresses a collective, responsibility to dismantle our internalized colonialism. The aim is to redefine Bayanihan as a practice of freedom by challenging our personal histories to make more capacity for us to understand each other.

Bayanihan was initially made for my Senior Thesis for the BFA Communication Design Program at Parsons ︎︎︎ but has now become an important foundation for how I approach my design practice. In September 2023, I was invited by Andrew LeClair ︎︎︎ to speak in a panel of four Parsons CD alumni to the Communication Design seniors for their thesis kickoff.

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