On Distance: An Interview with River Wildmen

Digital Print Design
Typeset in Neue Haas Grotesk Light and Freight
This interview was conducted virtually with River Wildmen, my current partner of four years. This interview took place in the Spring of 2021, when River and I had been in a long-distance relationship, physically seperated because of COVID. The pandemic sent us 1000 miles away from each other— him, with family in Chicago, and me with mine in New Jersey. 

“On Distance” includes photography that I took of River in New York before the pandemic hit. We had our first date in Washington Square Park. The Washington Square Arch reveals itself at the end of the interview, as a romanticized monument of hope for a familiar return.

This interview is meant to capture the feeling of mainting love and emotional support/connection as a way to cope with the challenges of physical seperation and an uncertain future.