* Writing
* Art Direction
* Editorial / Book Design
* Photography
Perlas, a sans-serif display typeface, merges the high-contrast attributes of Didot and Bodoni with the ornate Still, New York is a journal that documents a selection of personal experiences before, during, and after the COVID lockdown period from 2019–2021. In the form of an 8 in. x 10 in. rubber band-bound paperback book, Still, New York explores the idea of using smaller page inserts that blend in with their parent pages, or spreads, to create a personal narrative that encourages vulnerability.

In Still, New York, I share my experiences with love, mental illness, and spirituality by exhibiting excerpts from my own journal entries and pairing them with visually and chronologically relevant photographs from my archives. The inspiration for this work comes from the prospect that capitalism has not given us the space to be still and to acknowledge the feelings that surround us when we begin to explore who we truly are— which was a key discovery for me during quarantine. In Still, New York, my hope is that the reader finds acceptance and comfort in embracing vulnerability as the root of meaningful human connection, with each other and with ourselves.