Danielle Mariz Berger is a Filipino-American Graphic Designer and Visual Artist from New Jersey and New York City. Danielle’s work examines the ceaseless nexus where Christianity, colonialism, and identity intersect in America. Through graphic design, art direction, and photography, she creates work that addresses how communication design can be used to initiate critical dialogue. Her work exists as both a hallelujah and a lamentation— a celebration of personal identity and belonging, and a mourning for how colonialism has isolated us from practices of love. Working across print and digital mediums, she investigates the relationship between typography and image. Taking inspiration from the hues of 19th century churches, Filipino culture, and jazz music, her graphic languages contrast starkly between dark darks and light lights, neutralized by warm tones such as gold and off-white. The visual poeticism of her work offers a vulnerable and honest perspective to create a safe space for challenging our internalized notions of colonialism.

Danielle is currently working as a Graphic Designer at Sundae School.
Currently Reading:
Bad Infinity: Selected Writing by Aria Dean
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